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ANNEE : 2000

Binding of six chimeric analogs of omega-conotoxin MVIIA and MVIIC to N- and P/Q-type calcium channels.

AUTEURS : Sato K, Raymond C, Moutot N, Sasaki T, Ohtake A, Minami K, Van Renterghem C, Takahashi M, Seagar M.

REVUE : Biochem Biophys Res Commun
N° Pubmed : 10694509


Replacement of the N-terminal half of omega-conotoxin MVIIC, a peptide blocker of P/Q-type calcium channels, with that of omega-conotoxin MVIIA significantly increased the affinity for N-type calcium channels. To identify the residues essential for subtype selectivity, we examined single reverse mutations from MVIIA-type to MVIIC-type in this chimeric analog. A reverse mutation from Lys(7) to Pro(7) decreased the affinity for both P/Q- and N-type channels, whereas that from Leu(11) to Thr(11) increased the affinity for P/Q-type channels and decreased the affinity for N-type channels. The roles of these two residues were confirmed by synthesizing two MVIIC analogs in which Pro(7) and Thr(11) were replaced with Lys(7) and Leu(11), respectively.