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ANNEE : 1995

Interaction of a synaptobrevin (VAMP)-syntaxin complex with presynaptic calcium channels.

AUTEURS : El Far O, Charvin N, Lévêque C, Moutot N, Takahashi M, Seagar M.

N° Pubmed : 7890025
Nerve terminal protein complexes implicated in exocytosis were examined by immuno-isolation from rat brain synaptosomes. Immunoprecipitation with anti-syntaxin or anti-VAMP antibodies revealed a syntaxin-SNAP25-VAMP-synaptotagmin complex. Anti-VAMP antibodies also trapped a distinct VAMP-synaptophysin complex. A similar fraction (about 70%) of N-type calcium channels ([125I]omega conotoxin GVIA receptors), was immunoprecipitated by either anti-syntaxin or anti-VAMP antibodies, but not by anti-synaptophysin antibodies (< 4%). The majority of N- but not L-type calcium channels ([3H]PN200-110 receptors), appear to be associated with a synaptic vesicle prefusion complex.