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ANNEE : 2023

Rescue of normal excitability in LGI1-deficient epileptic neurons

AUTEURS : Extrémet J, Ramirez-Franco JJ, Fronzaroli-Molinieres L, Boumedine N, Ankri N, El Far O, Garrido JJ, Debanne D, Russier M.

REVUE : Journal of Neuroscience
Leucine-rich Glioma Inactivated 1 (LGI1) is a glycoprotein secreted by neurons, the deletion of which leads to Autosomal Dominant Lateral Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Recently, we showed that LGI1 deficiency in a mouse model (KO-Lgi1) decreased Kv1.1 channel density at the axon initial segment (AIS) and at presynaptic terminals, thus enhancing both intrinsic excitability and glutamate release. However, the precise conditions for rescuing normal excitability in KO-Lgi1 neurons have still not been reported. Here we show that the selective expression of LGI1 in KO-Lgi1 neurons with the use of single-cell electroporation reduces intrinsic excitability, and restores both the Kv1.1 mediated D-type current and Kv1.1 immunostaining at the AIS. In addition, we show that the homeostatic shortening of the AIS length observed in KO-Lgi1 neurons is prevented in neurons electroporated with the Lgi1 gene. Furthermore, we reveal a spatial gradient of both intrinsic excitability and Kv1.1 immunostaining that is centred on the electroporated neuron. We conclude that expression of LGI1 restores normal excitability through the expression of functional Kv1 channels at the AIS.