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ANNEE : 1990

Single gene encodes glycophospholipid-anchored and asymmetric acetylcholinesterase forms: alternative coding exons contain inverted repeat sequences.

AUTEURS : Maulet Y, Camp S, Gibney G, Rachinsky TL, Ekström TJ, Taylor P.

REVUE : Neuron
N° Pubmed : 2306366
Polymorphic forms of acetylcholinesterase are tethered extracellularly either as dimers membrane-anchored by a glycophospholipid or as catalytic subunits disulfidelinked to a collagen tail that associates with the basal lamina. Genomic clones of acetylcholinesterase from T. californica revealed that individual enzyme forms are encoded within a single gene that yields multiple mRNAs. Each enzyme form is encoded in three exons: the first two exons, bases -22 to 1502 and 1503 to 1669, encode sequence common to both forms, while alternative third exons encode a hydrophobic C-terminal region, to which a glycophospholipid is added upon processing, and a nonprocessed C-terminus, yielding a catalytic subunit that disulfide-links with a collagen-like structural unit. The 3' untranslated region of each alternative exon contains tandem repeat sequences that are inverted with respect to the other exon. This may either dictate alternative exon usage by formation of cis stem-loops or affect the abundance of translatable mRNA by trans-hybridization between the alternative spliced mRNA species.