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2019 - Zbili M, Rama S, Yger P, Inglebert Y, Boumedine N, Fronzaroli-Molinieres L, Brette R, Russier M, Debanne D.
Axonal Na+ channels detect and transmit levels of input synchrony in local brain circuits

2019 - Rama S, Boumedine N, Sangiardi M, Youssouf F, Maulet Y, Lévêque C, Belghazi M, Seagar M, Debanne D, El Far O.
Chromophore-assisted light inactivation of the V-ATPase V0c subunit inhibits neurotransmitter release downstream of synaptic vesicle acidification
Molecular Neurobiology, 56 : 3591-3602

2019 - Flores A, Ramirez-Franco J, Desplantes R, Debreux K, Ferracci G, Wernert F, Blanchard MP, Maulet Y, Youssouf F, Sangiardi M, Iborra C, Popoff MR, Seagar M, Fantini J, Lévêque C, El Far O.
Gangliosides interact with synaptotagmin to form the high-affinity receptor complex for botulinum neurotoxin B

2019 - Steidl E, Gleyzes M, Maddalena F, Debanne D, Buisson B.
Neuroservice proconvulsive (NS-PC) set: A new platform of electrophysiology-based assays to determine the proconvulsive potential of lead compounds
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, in press

2019 - Zbili M, Debanne D.
Past and future of analog-digital modulation of synaptic transmission
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 13 : 160

2019 - Debanne D, Inglebert Y, Russier M.
Plasticity of intrinsic neuronal excitability
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 54 : 73-82

2019 - Moubarak E, Engel D, Dufour M, Tapia M, Tell F, Goaillard JM.
Robustness to axon initial segment variation is explained by somatodendritic excitability in rat substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons.
Journal of Neuroscience, 39 : 5044-5063

2019 - Debanne D, Russier M.
The contribution of ion channels in input-output plasticity
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 165 : in press

2019 - Baudot P, Goaillard JM, Bennequin D, Tapia M.
Topological Information Data Analysis
Entropy, 21

2018 - Coralie Di Scala, Jacques Fantini, Nouara Yahi, Francisco J. Barrantes, Henri Chahinian.
Anandamide Revisited: How Cholesterol and Ceramides Control Receptor-Dependent and Receptor-Independent Signal Transmission Pathways of a Lipid Neurotransmitter
Biomolecules, 8

2018 - Debanne D, Garrido J.
Axon initial segment
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences : a00004

2018 - Tapia M, Baudot P, Formisano-Treziny C, Dufour M, Temporal S, Lasserre M, Marqueze B, Gabert J, Kobayashi K, Goaillard JM.
Neurotransmitter identity and electrophysiological phenotype are genetically coupled in midbrain dopaminergic neurons
Scientific Reports, 8 : 13637

2018 - Debanne D, El Far O.
Pre- and post-synaptic effects of LGI1 autoantibodies in a murine model of limbic encephalitis
Brain, 141 : 3092-3095

2018 - Rama S, Zbili M, Debanne D.
Signal propagation along the axon
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 51 : 37-44

2018 - Fékété A, Debanne D.
Somatic modulation of ectopic action potential initiation in distal axons
Journal of Physiology (London), 596 : 5067-5068

2018 - Huang Y, Huang S, Di Scala C, Wang Q, Wandall HH, Fantini J, Zhang YQ.
The glycosphingolipid MacCer promotes synaptic bouton2 formation in Drosophila by interacting with Wnt
eLife, 7 : e38183

2017 - Desplantes R, Lévêque C, Muller B, Loterzio M, Ferracci G, Popoff M, Seagar M, Mamoun R, El Far O.
Affinity biosensors using recombinant native membrane proteins displayed on exosomes: application to botulinum neurotoxin B receptor
Scientific Reports, 7 : 1032

2017 - Connan C, Voillequin M, Chavez CV, Mazuet C1,, Lévêque C, Vitry S, Vandewalle A, Popoff MR.
Botulinum neurotoxin type B uses a distinct entry pathway mediated by CDC42 into intestinal cells versus neuronal cells.
Cellular Microbiology, 19 : e12738

2017 - Usseglio F, Beaufils N, Calleja A, Raynaud S, Gabert J.
Detection of CALR and MPL Mutations in Low Allelic Burden JAK2 V617F Essential Thrombocythemia.
Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, 19 : 92-98

2017 - Menu E, Beaufils N, Usseglio F, Balducci E, Lafage Pochitaloff M, Costello R, Gabert J.
First case of B ALL with KMT2A-MAML2 rearrangement: a case report.
BMC Cancer, 17 : 363

2017 - Debanne D, Russier M.
How do electrical synapses regulate their strength?
Journal of Physiology (London), 595 : 4121-4122

2017 - Seagar M, Russier M, Caillard O, Maulet Y, Fronzaroli-Molinieres L, De San Feliciano M, Boumedine N, Rodriguez L, Zbili M, Usseglio F, Formisano-Treziny C, Youssouf F, Sangiardi M, Boillot M, Baulac S, Benitez MJ, Garrido JJ, Debanne D, El Far O.
LGI1 tunes intrinsic excitability by regulating the density of axonal Kv1 channels
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 114 : 7719-7724

2017 - Gasselin C, Inglebert Y, Ankri N, Debanne D.
Plasticity of intrinsic excitability during LTD is mediated by bidirectional changes in h-channel activity
Scientific Reports, 7 : 14418

2017 - Rama S, Zbili M, Fékété A, Tapia M, Benitez MJ, Boumedine N, Garrido JJ, Debanne D.
The role of axonal Kv1 channels in CA3 pyramidal cell excitability
Scientific Reports, 7 : 315

2016 - Zbili M, Rama S, Debanne D.
Dynamic control of neurotransmitter release by presynaptic potential
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 10 : 278

2015 - Lévêque C, Ferracci G, Maulet Y, Grand-Masson C, Seagar M, El Far O.
A chip-based assay for botulinum neurotoxin A activity in pharmaceutical preparations.
Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. , 99 : 4355-4360

2015 - Lévêque C, Ferracci G, Maulet Y, Mazuet C, Popoff MR, Blanchard MP, Seagar M, El Far O.
An optical biosensor assay for rapid dual detection of Botulinum neurotoxins A and E
Scientific Reports, 5 : 17953

2015 - Lévêque C, Ferracci G, Maulet Y, Mazuet C, Popoff MR, Blanchard MP, Seagar M, El Far O.
An optical biosensor assay for rapid dual detection of Botulinum neurotoxins A and E.
Scientific Reports, 5:17953

2015 - Bialowas A, Rama S, Zbili M, Marra V, Fronzaroli-Molinieres L, Ankri N, Carlier E, Debanne D.
Analog modulation of spike-evoked transmission in CA3 circuits is determined by Kv1.1 channels in a time-dependent manner
European Jounral of Neuroscience, 41 : 293-304

2015 - Del Puerto, Fronzaroli-Molinieres L, Perez-Alvarez MJ, Giraud P, Carlier E, Wandosell, F, Debanne D, Garrido, JJ.
ATP-P2X7 Receptor Modulates Axon Initial Segment Composition and Function in Physiological Conditions and Brain Injury
Cerebral Cortex, 25 : 2282-2294

2015 - Gasselin C, Inglebert Y, Debanne D.
Homeostatic regulation of h-conductance controls intrinsic excitability and stabilizes the threshold for synaptic modification in CA1 neurons
Journal of Physiology (London), 593 : 4855-4869

2015 - Rama S, Zbili M, Debanne D.
Modulation of spike-evoked synaptic transmission: The role of presynaptic calcium and potassium channels
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)- Molecular Cell Research, 1853 : 1933-1939

2015 - Hammond C, El Far O, Seagar M.
Neurotransmitter release
Cellular and molecular neurophysiology

2015 - Amendola J, Boumedine N, Sangiardi M, El Far O.
Optimization of neuronal cultures from rat superior cervical ganglia for dual patch recording
Scientific Reports, 5 : 14455

2015 - Rama S, Zbili M, Bialowas A, Fronzaroli-Molinieres L, Ankri N, Carlier E, Marra V, Debanne D.
Presynaptic hyperpolarization induces a fast analogue modulation of spike-evoked transmission mediated by axonal sodium channels
Nature Communications, 6 : 10163

2015 - Rama S.
Shift and Mean Algorithm for Functional Imaging with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 9 : 446

2015 - Hammond, Goaillard JM, Debanne D.
Somato-dendritic processing of postsynaptic potential III. Role of high-voltage-activated depolarizing currents
Cellular and molecular neurophysiology

2015 - Hammond C, Debanne D, Goaillard JM.
Somato-dendritic processing of postsynaptic potentials II. Role of sub-threshold depolarizing voltage-gated currents
Cellular and molecular neurophysiology

2015 - Hammond, Goaillard JM, Debanne D, Gaiarsa JL.
Synaptic plasticity
Cellular and molecular neurophysiology

2015 - El Far O, Seagar M.
The synaptic vesicle V-ATPase: a regulatory link between loading and fusion?
Presynaptic terminals